Puppy’s First Groom


Let’s face it-- most puppies are a mess. What are the best ways to ensure that that “mess” stays in the puppy stage and doesn’t follow our beloved dogs into the adult stage of their lives? Well, there are lots of things you could do that range anywhere from obedience school to training them at home. One thing that will help your puppy when they get into their adult stage of life is to make sure your puppy is visiting the groomer regularly and as soon as possible.

Dogs who aren’t used to the grooming environment may find it stressful, causing them to act out in a number of ways. Particularly with larger dogs, this is an issue as they get bigger because they become harder to handle both for you and the groomer. Bringing your puppy in when they are young can help you and the puppy adjust to this new environment, and potentially help ease those discomforts and uncertainties.

This not only makes it easier for the groomers, bathers and helpers working with your dog at the salon, but it also helps you! Dogs have a keen sense of what’s going on; they know when they are leaving the house for a fun trip—and a not-so-fun trip. We have found that many dogs that have been coming to us for regular grooms since they were puppies actually enjoy their trip to the salon! They get their spa treatment and they get to socialize—who wouldn’t want a fun day out?! However, if dogs haven’t gotten used to the environment, this tends to be a stressful time for them, and a not-so-fun trip out of the house. Getting them to enjoy their trip to the salon will be easier on you when you go to load them into the car and drop them off for the day—plus it might help ease some of your anxieties too.

Sometimes, your puppy may not even need a haircut or bath. In that case, bringing them by just to play can be a great option to get them used to the environment. It’s important to remember that each dog is different, and the adjustment time is different for each of them. We strive to make sure each dog is catered to, and they are as happy and comfortable as they can be. We know this can be scary for newer visitors, and we want to make sure that everyone has a pleasant experience. Give us a call and ask us about how we can help your puppy adjust to this new experience!

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